Some Tricks That Can Be Done On Android Phones

Some Tricks That Can Be Done On Android Phones

Trick 1: Start Your Car With Your Android phone

Don’t be that shocked, Man! You read it right. Yes, your android phone can be the key to start your car, Regardless of where you are. Even If you are another city, country or continent, you will still be capable of starting, locking, unlocking and controlling your car wirelessly from miles away. All you need is the Viper Smartstart app and you are all set to throw away your boring car key and the key-chains. Your Android phone is now all you need to start, lock and unlock your car. Apart from the basic features the app has loads of other features. In order to access all the features of this app you will need to get your hands on the paid version of this app which would cost you around $149 for the viper Smartstart Bluetooth module and extra $399 for the GPS module. The weirdest thing about this app is that it enables your car to share its activity on Facebook. Sounds funny but according to the app developers, your car needs friends too. Another cool thing our android phones can do.
Features of Viper Smartstart –
- Lock/arm
- Unlock/disarm
- Remote car starter
- Trunk release
- Panic or car finder
- Aux channels

Download Viper Smartstart from Play Store

Trick 2: Measure Your Heart Beat
Keep your personal doctor in your pocket. Your android phone can now be your personal doctor or at least act like one. Using the Instant Heart Rate app your android phone can now measure your heart rate.

How the App Works: The app uses your phones built-in camera to track color changes on the fingertip that are directly linked to your pulse. This is the same technique that medical pulse oximeter uses. I have used the app myself and I can clearly state that it is pretty much accurate. Don’t believe me? There are over hundreds of users who have rated more than 4 stars for this cool app on the play store.

Download Instant Heart Rate from Play Store (Free)

Few Alternatives to consider:
Runstatic Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate Plus

Trick 3: Control Your Windows Computer from Your Phone

Controlling your computer from your phone is a very easy task on android and one doesn’t need to be a master or geek to use this feature. There are many apps for this but I will suggest you my personal favorite, the TeamViewer for Remote Control app. If you are a windows user then chances are there that you might have actually met its Windows sibling. Using the TeamViewer app on your android phone you can easily access your computer from your phone remotely and have complete control over your PC. Be it supporting your family and friends with computer problems or shutting down your PC. TeamViewer is all you need to control your PC from your phone. The best part it you can even transfer your files from your computer to your phone or vice versa.

Download TeamViewer from Play Store (Free)

Few Alternatives to consider:
Remote Control Collection
VNC Viewer

Trick 4: Host Your Own Web Server via Android:

You must be knowing that Android is based on Linux, which means like any other Linux device your Android phone can also run a full-fledged Web server complete with a mySQL database, PHP support and FTP for file transfers. You can even use this server to host your own website on the internet, cool idea, isn’t it? To host your own server you just need an Android application KSweb installed on your device that can help you to set up a server on your own android phone. This is by far the coolest thing you can do on an android phone.

Here is a step by step tutorial from androidguys on How to host a website on your android device

Download KSweb from Play Store (Free 6-day Trial)

Alternative to KSweb:
Bit Web Server